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[PDF] ERP Course Map (include degree options, course offering schedule, and software usage map)

ERP 2110 Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning

[PDF]  (S/4HANA option) ERP2110 S4HANA or (SAP ECC option) ERP 2110 Syllabus (ECC)  &nbsp

Prerequisite: IST 1750

S/4HANA option: The course provides an overview of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems and their role within an organization. It introduces key concepts of integrated information systems and explains why such systems are valuable to businesses. In addition to the lecture, students will be guided through several hands-on activities of various business processes in SAP S/4HANA software products. The course will also provide a discussion on various business cases in which ERP concepts can be applied. An overview of Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics in the ERP context will also be addressed

SAP ECC option: Fundamentals of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems concepts, and the importance of integrated information systems in an organization. The focus of this course is on illustrating procurement, production, and sales business processes using ERP software. Use of SAP’s ERP Business Suite as an example ERP system.

ERP4110 - ERP Systems in the Health Care Industry

[PDF] ERP 301 Syllabus

Prerequisite: IST 1750

Specialization of ERP systems and concepts to the field of Health Care, with special emphasis on Business Process Integration in this environment. 


[PDF] ERP 4120 syllabus (new course, available soon)

Prerequisite: ERP 2110

The course provides knowledge and skills in design and configuring business processes in the Enterprise Resource Planning environment (ERP).  The course will introduce and apply techniques used in SAP ERP and S/4HANA systems for system configuration and integration, with a focus on Financial Accounting, logistics, Controlling, and production.

ERP 4220 Introduction to Enterprise Decision Dashboard Prototyping

[PDF] ERP4220

Prerequisite: IST 1750

Study design and implementation principles for enterprise decision dashboards utilizing data warehouses and databases to support visual analytics. SAP HANA,  HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), HANA Studio, Fiori, IBM Watson Analytics, SAS Visual Analytics, or similar tools are used for practical assignments.  

ERP/IST 4444 Introduction to Data Warehouse 


Prerequisite: IST 3423 or ERP 4220 

This course presents the topic of data warehouses and their value to the organization. It takes the student from the database platform to structuring a data warehouse environment. Focus is placed on simplicity and addressing the user community needs. Leading data warehouse platforms including SAP BW/4HANA and HANA are used in practical applications.  


ERP 4610 Customer Relationship Management in ERP Environment 

[PDF] ERP4610_F19

Prerequisite: ERP 2110 or preceded or accompanied by ERP 5110

The course emphasizes identification (targeting), acquisition, retention, and development (expansion) of (profitable) customers, as well as effective and efficient management of customers, using information technology. SAP CRM, SAS BI tools, and Sybase mobile application development are used.

ERP 5110 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) Design and Implementation 

[PDF] ERP5110_SP20

Prerequisites: IST 1750 

This course provides a technical overview of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and their impact on organizations. SAP’s ERP system is introduced to illustrate the concepts, fundamentals, framework, general information technology context, the technological infrastructure, and integration of business enterprise-wide applications.

ERP5130 - ERP Enterprise Resource Planning in Small and Mid-size Enterprises 

[PDF] ERP5130_Syllabus 

Prerequisite: (BUS1210 AND ERP2110) or ERP5110

The course provides an overview of enterprise applications for small and midsize companies. The course provides an overview of the new generation of business applications for small and midsize companies.  Microsoft Dynamics  will be introduced to illustrate the enterprise-wide application for enterprises

ERP 5210: Performance Dashboards, Scorecard, Data Visualization

[PDF]   ERP5210_SP20

Prerequisite: ERP 2110 or preceded or accompanied by ERP 5110

This course studies different performance management systems including dashboards, Balanced Scorecards, and strategy maps in an organization. SAP's BW, Predictive Analytics/Lumira, and Design Studio, Tableau, and IBM Watson Analytics are used to develop the dashboard applications.

ERP 5240 Enterprise Application Development & Software Security

[PDF] ERP5240_SP20  

Prerequisite:  Programming knowledge and (either ERP 2110 or preceded or accompanied by ERP 5110).

This course provides a conceptual foundation and hands-on experience in web-based (HTML5) application development deployed through an enterprise platform. SAP Enterprise development tools will be used to build these apps, using SAP HANA Cloud Platform. This course also covers cybersecurity from a software security perspective.

ERP 5310 Supply Chain Management Systems 

[PDF]  ERP5310 Syllabus

Prerequisite: ERP 2110 or Graduate Standing

The course studies the need for supply chain integration and the challenges of managing complex interfaces. This course focuses on the systems approach to the planning, analysis, design, development, and evaluation of the supply chain. The course discusses activities that lead to the integration of information and material flows across multiple organizations. SAP's ERP S/4HANA, SCM, SAS Viya (Visual Analytics, Visual Statistics), and Microsoft PowerBI are used to design and deploy SCM applications.

ERP 5410 Use of Business Intelligence

[PDF] ERP5410 Syllabus

Prerequisites:  IST 1750 

This course introduces data-oriented techniques for business intelligence.  Topics include Business Intelligence architecture, Business Analytics, and Enterprise Reporting.  SAP Business Information Warehouse, BusinessObjects, or similar tools will be used to access and present data, generate reports, and perform analysis.

ERP 5510 ERP System Administration 

[PDF] curriculum revision, in-memory ERP option coming soon.    

Prerequisite: ERP 2110 or ERP 5110

System administration and performance monitoring practices for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will be studied. Students will install an instance of an ERP system and establish user management attributes and system security.

ERP 3001/4001: ERP Enabled Sustainability Management Systems 

Prerequisites: IST 1750

The course addresses how sustainability management systems can be used to reduce compliance costs and business risks and to establish Green IT practices. SAP's EHS Management, Sustainability Analytics, Carbon impact, or similar are used to enhance the learning experience.

ERP 6120 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Configuration and Integration 

[PDF] (S4/HANA, in-memory ERP option) ERP 6120 Syllabus S/4HANA  (ECC option)ERP 6120 Syllabus

Prerequisite: ERP 2110, ERP 5110, or ERP 5310  

Implementation and design practices for business processes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.  The course examines and applies techniques using SAP S/4HANA ERP or similar for configuration and integration with a focus on financial accounting and logistics. Fiori configuration will be examined to develop an ERP user interface. 

ERP 6220 Data Modeling & Visualization Prototyping for Enterprise Decision Dashboards 

[PDF] ERP6220

Prerequisite: ERP5110 and one of ERP5410, ERP6444, or IST 6444. 

Study integration of data modeling, data warehouse, and visualization prototyping in the design and implementation of enterprise decision dashboards for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Project implementations use SAP HANA Studio, Fiori, Predictive Analytics, Design Studio/Eclipse IDE, and SAS Viya.

ERP6444/IST6444 Essentials of Data Warehouses 

[PDF] (in-memory data warehouse option) ERP 6444 Syllabus

Prerequisite: IST 3423 or Comp Sci 304 or equivalent relational database experience 

This course presents the topic of data warehouses and their value to the organization. It takes the student from the database platform to structuring a data warehouse environment. Focus is placed on simplicity and addressing the user community needs.

IST 6443 Information Retrieval and Analysis

 PDF]  IST6443

Prerequisite: ERP 5410 Business Intelligence or statistics knowledge

Covers the applications and theoretical foundations of organizing and analyzing information of textual resources. Topics include information storage and retrieval systems, web search engines, text mining, collaborative filtering, recommender systems. Students will also learn the techniques with the use of interactive tools such as SAS.


 [PDF] ERP6610_F19

 Prerequisite: ERP 2110 or preceded or accompanied by ERP 5110

 Identification (targeting), acquisition, retention, and development (expansion) of (profitable) customers. Effective and efficient management of customers, using IT. SAP CRM, SAS BI tools, and Sybase mobile application development are used.  Research paper and presentation required.