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Missouri S&T's Enterprise Resource Planning program combines core business processes with information technology and provides students with hands-on learning experiences of ERP systems. 

Students of the ERP program graduate with hours of experience with major ERP systems and knowledge of real-world applications of the software. 

This practical knowledge, combined with a foundation in core business processes, prepares undergraduate and graduate students for positions as both technical and business consultants and analysts in the ERP field.

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Meet our Faculty

Meet our faculty here who have decades of combined real-life experience with ERP programs and who are well equipped to teach the next generation of business leaders.

SAP Next-Gen

Missouri S&T is an official SAP Next-Gen Chapter. We are part of the SAP University Alliance with an aim to accelerate enabling members of the SAP Next-Gen innovation. 


Find out more about our ERP program including what ERP really is, our program purposes, goals, and our internationally recognized accreditation

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