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[PDF] Distance ERP Classes for Professionals

Already In ERP?

If you are already working in the ERP area and you'd like to expand your ERP skills, we offer all of our graduate courses via distance learning!

Interested In Getting In To ERP?

If you are a working IT professional who'd like to get into the ERP area, our graduate course sequence, starting with ERP 346, is available via distance learning!

Seeking Graduate Certificates?

All our graduate ERP courses are available via distance learning.

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 Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

 Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence

Graduate Certficate in Digital Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Entrance into IST M.S. Graduate Program

A student that completes a Graduate Certificate at Missouri S&T, having earned a grade of "B" or better in each of the certificate courses, may be admitted to the M.S. program in Information Science & Technology.
The normal application process will be followed, but the minimum undergraduate GPA and GRE score requirement will be waived. Normal course prerequisites still apply.

Seeking A Master's Degree In Information Science & Technology?

Each of the Graduate Certificate courses can count toward an M.S. degree. The degree requires 10 courses, four of which are:
IST 5261- ¿¿¿¿Advanced Information Systems Project Management (461)
IST 6336- Foundations of Internet Computing (436)
IST 5251- Technological Innovation Management and Leadership (351)
IST 5885- Human Computer Interaction (385)
The remaining six must include at least three 400-level courses.

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