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A student is eligible to receive an SAP Certificate of Excellence issued by SAP America if a student successfully completed any three of these courses listed below* with a grade of C or above for 2000-, 4000-, and 5000-level courses for an undergraduate student or with a grade of B or above for 5000- and 6000- level courses for a graduate student.

ERP 2110 Introduction to ERP 
ERP 4120 (4001) ERP Software Development
ERP 4220 Introduction to Decision Dashboard Prototyping 
ERP 4610 Customer Relationship Management 
ERP 5110 ERP Systems Design and Implementation
ERP 5210 Performance Dashboards, Scorecards, and Data Visualizations
ERP 5240 Enterprise Application Development & Software Security
ERP 5310 Supply Chain Management Systems in ERP Environment
ERP 5410 Use of Business Intelligence 
ERP 5510 ERP System Administration 
ERP 6120 ERP Systems Configuration and Integration 
ERP 6220 Data Modeling & Visualization Prototyping for Enterprise Decision Dashboards
ERP 6444/IST 6444 Essential of Data Warehouse 
ERP 6610 Advanced Customer Relationship Management in ERP Environment 
IST 4444/ ERP 4444  Introduction to Data Warehouse

Application Deadline

April 15 for the Spring semester and November 15 for the Fall Semester.  Complete online application HERE. Applications received after the application deadline will be processed in the following semester.

When to apply

  • A student needs to have completed or will be completing the required three courses before the application submission deadline. For example, if a student completed ERP2110 in Spring 2023 and is currently taking ERP5110 and ERP5310 in Fall 2023, the student can apply for an SAP Certificate of Excellent in Fall 2023 or later. However, the certificate will not be awarded until final course grades are posted and requirements are met.
  • For a student who is completing his/her certificate courses during his/her last semester of study at Missouri S&T, the above process applies. You could request the Certificate to be mailed to your home address. 

Online Application (click HERE)