To advance ERP education and educate more talents with SAP ERP experience, Olin is sponsoring the “Best SAP Application Award” during the week of the BIT project showcase on December 6 and December 8.

  • Best SAP Application Award: $150 cash gift card for the winning team
  • Participation requirements
    1. A team of two or more members.
      • A team recommended by an ERP Faculty (Dr. Bih-Ru Lea (, Dr. Vincent Yu (, or Prof. Yu-Hsien Chiu ( will receive priority consideration.   
      • You are welcome to discuss your team ideas/projects with the ERP faculty members listed above.
    1. A topic presentation or a software prototype (e.g., dashboard, data warehouse, Fiori interface design) that includes software tools from SAP.
      • The project or software prototype can be from the current Fall 2022 semester or from a previous semester (e.g., Spring 2022, Fall 2021)
    1. Application deadline: A short description of the application entry must be sent to by noon on Thursday, Dec. 1, although the presentation or prototype can be completed at a later time per the two options listed in the “4. Format Options.”
      • The application description must include the following information
        • Full name, S&T email, and contact phone number for ALL team members.
        • A 75 or fewer words project description describing how and what SAP tools/system is used in your team presentation topic or software prototype. A few examples are shown below:
          • An interactive dashboard is developed to perform demand forecasts for a manufacturing firm utilizing an SAP S/4HANA ERP system and SAS Viya Visual Analytics/Statistics.  
          • A data warehouse prototype is developed to support sales analysis utilizing an SAP BW/4HANA system.
          • This research compares and contrasts Machine Learning tools offered by market leaders including SAP, PowerBI, and IBM.
          • This project addresses key cybersecurity features integrated with an SAP S/4HANA ERP system. Designs of authorization profiles, roles, and access options will be illustrated during the presentation. 
        • Indicate the top two time preferences if format option 2 as stated in #4 below is selected. 
        • The applications will be reviewed based on the “first come first serve” rule and the merit of the topics.
    1. 3. Format: a formal presentation or a software showcase in one of the sessions below
      • Option 1: A 10- minutes software prototype showcase between 12:45 and 2 pm on Thursday, December 8 in Heavener Atrium
      • Option 2A 10- minutes formal presentation in one of the time slots listed below

Date & Time


Tuesday, December 6, Fulton 107A

5:15 – 5:25

The presentation slide set must be submitted to by 11:59 pm on Monday, December 5.

5:27 – 5:37

5:40 – 5:50

5:53 – 6:03

6:05 – 6:15

Thursday, December 8, Fulton 107A

11:00 - 11:10

The presentation slide set must be submitted to by noon on Wednesday, December 7.

Note: this is during the ERP 5410 class time, so ERP 5410 students would have priority in time slot selection.