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AACSB Accreditation Dashboard Ivy Miller, Jonathon Freeman, Steve
Pringle, Chris Lear
Opportunity for Undergraduate Research (OURE) projects. A 3-year project.  

AACSB Dashboard - partial Yell Pelleg, Samantha Riechers A class project to improve speed of an existing dashboard using Excel Sumif function

Missouri S&T Student Placement and Salary Dashboard

Rutuja Honnatti(creater)

Nick Unnerstall, Ryan Roark, Montana Long, and Samuel Holtmeier (updates & improvement)

A thesis project with real data provided by the Career Opportunities & Employer Relations (COER). Update annually. 

SAP Mobile 1 Brian Locke Team class project example  
SAP Mobile 2 Iris Russell
SAP Mobile 3 Ryan Roark
Enterprise Mobility Montana Long An OURE Research Project

Bio-Fuel Monitoring Dashboard Madhu Chopra

A thesis project with real and simulation data

Formula 1 Car Thomas Cooper, Junaid, Zafar, Matthew Welch A class project with simulation data
bitcoin Madelaine Seele A class project with data extracted from public sources

EOR Dashboard

David Kavanagh,Hao sun, Na Zhang A class project with data extracted from public sources
Video Game Corey Busche A class project with data extracted from public sources
STL Blues Jarek Markley A class project with data extracted from public sources

Automotive Sales - Part I‌‎‌‎‌

Kyle Shaul Team class project example   
Automotive Sales - Part II Jason Matti  

Hardware Show Dashboard part 1

Yinan Lin


Team class project example

Hardware Show Dashboards part 2 Yeli Zhao

Employee Portal Accessing Evaluation Prototype Robert Woods, Rutuja Honnatti A sample class project with a SAP company partner (the project has multiple sub projects)
Portal Assess 1 Aditi Mishra
Portal Assess 2 Aditi Mishra

Rolla Recycling Christina Els A community service class project

ROTC Andrew Lindner A sample class project with mockup data

Junior Achievement Decision Support Dashboard Derrick LoCicero A class project designed to provide decision support for executives of a non-profit organization.   The dashboard competed in SAP 2012 Dashboard Competition. 

US Census Decision Support Dashboard Kyle Schraier A class project and an OURE project using data from US Census Bureau. 

Sales Overview    


Stock Market