Deloitte Hosts Round 3 of the 2018 Simulation Competition

Deloitte SAP has joined force with the Center for ERP to shape future  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) education at Missouri S&T. Planning and working with the S&T Champion Mr. Roel Harryvan at Deloitte, John Nisbett and Jessica Phung shared their real-world business knowledge in analytics and ERP applications with the 2018 Simulation Competition teams on April 12th.  Deloitte SAP.  

Deloitte is a global consulting firm and has won three SAP North America Partner Excellence Awards for S/4 Hana, Partner Growth, and Value Assurance. Deloittehelps companies over the world reach their goals through the implementation of SAP.

Deloitte team hosted the third round of the 2018 ERP simulation completion. Teams formed by graduate and undergraduate students from different majors at Missouri S&T, operate a manufacturing company that utilizes SAP ERP system and analytics tools like; SAP, IBM, SAS, and Tableau. Each competitive team designed their own product, chose their target market, and allocated their money towards selected business operation in a simulated environment located in Germany. Using their critical thinking, technical, and business knowledge to gain an advantage over their competitors, the teams competed to win a greater share of the market and higher profit.

With the finish of the third round, Mr. Nisbett shares insights on how the skills students are learning from the production process of muesli can improve their understanding of business processes citing examples from one of his clientsin the chocolate business. Both Mr. Nisbett and Ms. Phung encourage students to learn the various aspects of the SAP ERP System while in school as most industry users will not have the privilege of accessing to the whole system to understand the links among sub-systems.

The Deloitte Team also met with the Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering (GGPE) Department at Missouri S&T. Mr. Nisbett and Ms. Phung encouraged the research being done in the energy sector by GGPE as it composes one of Deloitte's major customer sections.

For more photos:  Round 3 of the 2018 Simulation Competition, Deolitte with GGPE

Article by Brian Jacobi and Anne Simpson