News > IST students awarded Peabody Energy scholarship

Published: Monday, April 12, 2010 Reporter: Vinayak Bhagwat

Two Information Science and Technology students were recently awarded Peabody Scholarships for their work in a case study research on the topic of Enterprise Portal and Corporate Governance.

Peabody Scholarships are awarded by Peabody Energy Co. to Missouri University of Science and Technology Business and Information Technology Department's students in recognition of achievement in Enterprise Resource Planning Research.

The Scholarships were presented by Mr. Gary Kalbfleisch (CIO, Peabody Energy Co.) during Peabody’s Management Team visit to the Missouri S&T campus. Photographic coverage here.

Each of the laureates is working on specific subtopics: Daniel Sequeira, a Graduate student, is focusing on role-based personalization, while Joe Pieczynski, an Undergraduate student, addresses how the concept of virtual communities impacts the portal’s influence on corporate governance.

Both students follow a common methodology based on literature review, company visits, key personnel interviews, onsite observations, and surveys. One of the objectives is the creation of an enterprise portal prototype for a case company, which will address each student’s specific research objectives.