Deloitte is very involved with Missouri S&T's Center for ERP. Whether it be the SAP Deloitte Co-Innovation Competition, research demo's presented by students, or various visits to campus that provide a way for students to connect with the company, Deloitte offers a plethera of opportunities for students both on campus and at Deloitte.

The Deloitte scholarship is designed to encourage current students at Missouri S&T to pursue a specialization and experintial learning experience in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning.

For more information about this opportunity you may contact Dr. Bih-Ru Lea.

Deloitte consultants collaborate with simulation competition students (more details)

Learn more about SAP practices at Deloitte

Learn more about the Deloitte SAP Co-Innovation Event

Past Recipient

Lorenzo Lewis recieved the Deloitte Scholarship in 2016. Lorenzo is a major in Information Science and Technology with an emphasis on Enterprise Resource Planning and Human-Computer Interaction/User Experience.