MOREnet: Quarter 4 & 5 Simulation

The final two quarters of the SAP Simulation Competition took place on Friday, April 29th in the Havener Atrium. The student teams competed head-to-head in quarter 4 and 5 to win the individual quarters, the event, and the whole simulation. MOREnet sponsored the last two quarters which were hosted by Missouri S&T’s Center for ERP.


The Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet), a business unit of University of Missouri System, provides internet, technical services, resources, and support as well as training to public sector entities in Missouri such as K-12 schools, higher education, public universities, health care locations, and various other government affiliations.


Mr. Ben Canlas is the Sr. Manager of Finance, Supply Chain, and HR from Enterprise Application Service (EAS) of University of Missouri System was at the event and mentored student teams by giving comments and feedback on the various business strategies that the teams used through out the final quarters of the simulation.

Another factor of the final two quarters of the simulation was a virtual stock market. Students, faculty, staff, or any interested public were allowed to “invest” in the team that they thought would win. The stock invested by the public provide additional capital for the competition teams to finance their operations and proved as a fun challenge for teams to seek investors by presenting their creative marketing strategies.   The pubic investors were also entered into a drawing if the team they invested in won the simulation. Team Getamusli! (Ryan Guenther, Sadha Kuchimanchi, Sri Chaitanya Sanaboina, and Monika Yerra) had the most public involvment with an investment worth €240,000.00.

Team Gesundes Getreide (Martin Atwater, Lorenzo Lewis, Robin Ramsey, and Bonnie Wilt) took first place in quarter 4 of the simulation. During the 5th quarter team Epic Edibles (Pranay Agarwal, Sam Holmeier, Juwel Khan, James Kvesic, Jessica Phung, and Chris Siefken) took first place. Best Brand Inc. (Mfoniso Etudor, Naseem Khan Pratik Reddy, and Sound Krishnamoorthy) took first place overall in quarter 4 and 5 of the simulation. Team Gesundes Getreide (Martin Atwater, Lorenzo Lewis, Robin Ramsey, and Bonnie Wilt ) took 1st place in the entire simulation from all five quarters combined.  

Each team will give a strategy briefing presentation at the Simulation Project Judge Panel where the teams will compete one last time for the Best Strategy Presentation award on May 4.

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