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It oPPORtunities at cargill


Time: 1:30- 3:30 p.m.
Location: Library Video Wall

Students are invited to drop in and stay as long as your schedule allows to learn about opportunities from Cargill. Alumni Montana Long will discuss Cargill's new IT initiatives, opportunities, and discuss insights from her career.

Multimedia: 4-26-17 Cargill IT Opportunities

Monsanto Presentation

April 26

Time: 4:00- 4:45 p.m.
Location: Fulton 107a

 Ms. Jeanette Ford, Global ERP Quality Services Lead at Monsanto and ASUG Communication will be coming to S&T on April 26. Ms. Ford will present on Monsanto's IT Governance practices and strategies. She will also present on how ERP Governace & Control works in a corporate environment.

Multimedia: 4-26-2017 Monsanto Governance, photos, news, tweets

Corporate Visit: Cargill

26-28 April 2017

Keep an eye out for Cargill! By revenue, Cargill is the largest privately held corporation in the United States with over 150,000 employees in 2015. Cargill will be visiting campus in conjunction with our Spring 2017 ERP Simulation Competition. 

More information will be announced by the Center for ERP via email, in ERP classes, and here on our website. Stay tuned!

2017 ERP SAP Simulation Competition (be a corporate sponsor...)

Join the excitement as S&T Undergraduate and Graduate students compete in an extensive competition using  SAP business technology. Students build a business from the ground up and then go head-to-head in a simulation with an ever changing market - in real time! Sponsors will be announced soon, but in the past have included both local and international businesses!   (more details...)


Time: 14 March 2017, 2:45-4:15pm
Location: Hasselmann Alumni House
Mutimedia: event photos, Tweets

Competition teams present their business plan and competition strategies to an Industry Investor Panel formed by corporate sponsors and faculty in an effort to secure additional funds for their company.

Quarter 1 Competition

Time: 15 March 2017, 5:30-6:30pm
Location: Fulton 107A
Mutimedia:  Tweets, photos

The first quarter of the competition is scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of March. Students will spend the first two months of the semester meeting each other and setting up their companies. This phase is work intensive and includes several activities such as developing their bill of materials, determining a market strategy, and investing their initial funds. 

QUARTER 2 COMPETITION (Sponsered by Investment Realty)

Time: 23 March 2017, 4:00-5:15 PM
Location: BCH 115 (Civil Eng. building)
Mutimedia: photos, news, eConnection

Students won't have long to analyze data from Quarter 1, reinvest their profits, and adjust their strategy before the next quarter kicks off! 

QUARTER 3 COMPETITION (sponsored by Deloitte SAP)

Time: 13 April 2017, 5:30-6:45 PM
Location: Toomey 251
Mutimedia: photos, news , eConnection

The teams will have a little more breathing room as the competition hits mid-Quarter.

QUARTER 4 and 5 COMPETITION (sponsored by Cargill)

Time:28 APRIL 2017, 11:00AM-2:00PM
Location:Heavener Center Atrium

The final two quarters have traditionally been held in a public location to showcase the competition and corporate sponsors to the college community. The competition occurs during peak student traffic, and students outside the program have the opportunity to discover one of the highlights of our program!

Simulation Presentation and Reception

Time: 3 May 2017, 4:00-6:30pm
Location: Fulton 107A and Library Video Wall

The results of the Spring 2017 ERP Simulation Competition are announced! Each team will present their strategy, lessons learned, and personal experiences from the competition. Faculty and sponsors have the opportunity to provide each team feedback and share their own experiences.

Past Events



APRIL 12 2017

Time: 12 April 2017, 12:00-12:50 pm
Location: Fulton 107A
Presentation:  The Power of Your Career: Managing a Career in Technology
Speaker: Mr. Jeff Marker, Sr. Vice President, RSM US
Refreshment provided
Mutimedia: Announcement, event photosTweets


  • Discover what to do after you have that first job lined up
  • Learn expert insights in managing a career in technology
  • and more …


APRIL 14 2017

Time: 14 April 2017, 9:30-11:30 am
Location: Starbucks area, Curtis Laws Wilson Library  
Deloitte management team:  Mr. Eric Kase, Mr. Tyler Knobbe, Mr. Matt Roman, Mr. Michael Cordin, Mr. Joel Hensel, Ms. Aditi Mishra, Mr. Chandra Balasubramanian, Mr. Deepak Panda, Mr. Christopher Moody, Mr. Nipun Pratap Singh
Mutimedia: Deloitte Coffee Chat , event photosTweets


  • Are you up for a fast-paced career? Are you interested in going beyond theories and making a real difference for some of the world's leading companies?
  • The Business Technology Analyst Program at Deloitte Consulting LLP recruits highly qualified consultants who have a passion for business and technology. Come learn about the program and network with industry-experienced consultants in an informal setting.
  • Get insights to prepare for Deloitte Fall 2017 on campus interview scheduled on 9/25, 10/5, and 10/6


Time: 20-21 Feburary 2017
Multi-Media: Photos

Watch out for Union Pacific!  They will be visiting before the 2017 Spring Career Fair.

More information will be announced by the Center for ERP via email, in ERP classes, and here on our website. Stay tuned!




Time: 21 Feburary 2017, 7:30-9:00 AM
Location: Gale Bullman - Aerobic Room
Multi-Media: Photos


Invitation only. Employers are invited to meet the future information technology workforce: our talented students!
Enjoy a free refreshing drink and snack before the main Career Fair and discover how we integrate business and information technology into our extensive ERP curriculum. Our students are exicted to share their diverse backgrounds, experiences in the ERP program, and ongoing projects that could bring higher ROI to today's companies.


Meet new and veteran students who study Engineering, Sciences, and Social Sciences but stand united in their interests in ERP. Then, discuss how collaborative opportunities could leverage the advanced technologies and products of the ERP and Business Intelligence community.




Time: 12 pm - 1pm
Date: October 19
Location: Fulton 107A
Presented by: Ms. Kim Rakers,Mr. Robert Koon,Ms. Katie Alvarez, and Mr.Mike Linneman
Note: Lunch refreshments will be provided!

More Details


Showcase and Reception at the Career Fair

Time: 7:30am-9 am
Date: September 27
Location: Gale Bullman Multi-Purpose Building, Hall of Fame

The Center for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will host a breakfast reception for the employers who will be participating in this year's Fall 2016 Career Fair.  For more information, contact Dr. Bih-Ru Lea at leabi@mst.edu. 

Mulitmedia: Photos



Date: September 22
Time: 4-5pm
Location: Butler Carlton Hall 121
Presenter: Mr. Grant Novak
Description: Come and join us as Mr. Grant Novak discusses how SAP has imrpoved Union Pacific's productivity and operations.


Date: 1230pm - 130pm, September 21-22
Location: Library Video Wall

An award ceremony hosted by Union Pacific to recognize the SAP Certificate of Excellence receipients. Open to all receipients and all ERP faculty.

Multimedia: PhotosFlyer

Cargill Visit

September 14-16

Watch out for a special Cargill  invitation to a fun and informative Jeopardy game in Butler-Carlton Hall 124  from 4pm to 530 pm on Thursday, Sept.  15.  Learn how to network for career success with Cargill management team in Norwood 305 from 12 noon to 1 pm on Friday, Sept. 16.  Check out to see if your class will receive a visit from Cargill!

September 14

  • 10-10:50; Cargill Presentation at IST 1750, Civil Eng. 313
  • 11-11:50; Cargill Presentation at ERP 2110, Civil Eng. 313

September 15

  • 9:30-10:45; Cargill Presentation at ERP 5110, Fulton 107A
  • Cargill Information Session & Presentation; 4-5:30, invitation only


September 16

  • Networking for Career Success with Cargill: 12-1 pm, Norwood 305. All majors welcome. 

Multimedia: Photos



Time: 12 pm - 12:50pm
Location: Fulton 107A
Presenters: Mr. Carl Schmitz, Mr. Alex Silva, Ms. Samantha Riechers

Description: Students of all majors are invited to discover IT career opportunities at Boeing and learn from our alumni Mr. Carl Schmitz, Mr. Alex Silva, and Ms. Samantha Riechers. IT at Boeing operates on the leading edge of technology to develop and enhance systems that support Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Defense, Space & Security.  Join Boeing to learn more about how you can play a role in shaping the future of aerospace.

Multimedia:  Flyer: Boeing 9/14 Announcement Photos: Boeing Day

Deloitte Visit, September 8-9

Deliotte Information Session  

Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30pm
Date: September 8
Location: Havener Center- Missouri/Ozark Room 

Description: Students of all majors are invited to attend an informative session to learn opportunities with Deloitte and to receive expert insights in career planning and academic work.  Experienced Deloitte consultants and S&T Alumni will share their experience in building a successful  career while personally thriving at the center of influence and impact.  

Multimedia: announcement, photos  

Rise and Shine Coffee Chat with Deliotte 

Time: 9:00 am -11:00am
Date: September 9
Location: Library Starbucks area

Description: Students are invited to drop in and stay as long as their schedule allows to have a casual chat with the Deloitte team. 

ERP Research Showcase 

Time: 12 pm -2:30 pm
Date: September 9
Location: Library 202 

Description: ERP research teams will showcase their projects and prototypes to the Deloitte team and receive feedback to improve their research.

Invitation only

Multimedia: photos


Simulation Project Judge Panel

May 4, 2016

Students from the SAP Simulation Competition teams will give presentations to industry judges outlining and describing their stretegy in the competition.

More detailsphotos

ERP SAP Simulation Competition

February 15 - May 4, 2016

Join the excitement as S&T Undergraduate and Graduate students compete in the ERP SAP Simulation Competition. The compeition is sponsored by Deloitte SAPMonsantoNextep Technology SolutionsNovus InternationalPeabody EnergyPhelps County Bank,  RMS US LLPThe Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet)Union Pacific. Click more details below for time, dates, and locations. 

Schedule & SponsorsMore Details photos, newsTwitter, Instagram,

Monsanto: SAP Governance for large global ERP implementations  

Time: 4:00 - 5:15 pm, Wednesday, April 27 
Location: Fulton 107A
Presenters: Ms. Jeanette Ford, Global ERP Quality Services Lead at Monsanto

  • Take this opportunity to learn about Monsanto, its history and its operations. With Monsanto having one of the largest and complex SAP implementations, learn how Monsanto managed, maintained and governed its ERP System.
  • After the presentation,  Ms. Jeanette Ford and her team will meet with students.  Students are encouraged to bring and showcase their projects or prototypes to receive feedback from experienced IT executives. 

Mulitmedia: More DetailsMonsanto Flyer, photos, lecture recording

MOREnet Hosts Simulation Championship Competition 

Time: 10:30 am - 2 pm, Friday, April 29
Location: Heavener Center Atrium 
MOREnet team: Mr. John Gillispie, Executive Director, MORENet; Associate Vice President, University of Missouri Sysem-Enterprise Application Service

Join us during the final two quarters of the SAP Simulation Competition sponsored by MOREnet.

More Details

Deloitte Mobile Analytics Summit

Time: Friday, April 22

Location: Deloitte St. Louis Office
Description (invitation only) 

Deloitte invites leading university faculty and students to participate in a discussion of next generation SAP Analytics and a showcase of Deloitte capabilities, leveraging Deloitte's Mobile HIVE (Highly Immersive Visual Environment)  and visualization tools.

More Details

Multimedia: Photos

Deloitte Events: April 14 - 15 (Print Event List)

Visiting team: Deloitte Executives & ERP Alumni (read more...)

  • Mr. Roel Harryvan, Director (a proud parent of a S&T student)
  • Ms. Kathy Seifarth, Senior Manager
  • Ms. Kristin Mikelson, Senior Campus Specialist
  • Mr. Eric Kase, Manager (ERP Alumni, 2010)
  • Mr. Tom Cooper, Analyst (ERP Alumni, 2015)
  • Mr. Amit Jaidka, Senior Consultant (ERP Alumni, 2008)
  • Mr. Tyler Knobbe, Analyst  (ERP Alumni, 2015)
  • Mr. Jarett Messing, Consultant
  • Ms. Aditi Mishra, Consultant  (ERP Alumni, 2013)
  • Mr. Abhishek Padmanabhuni, Consultant (ERP Alumni, 2014)
  • Ms, Sydnee Schram, Analyst (ERP Alumni, 2015)

Deloitte: SAP & ERP Award Ceremony

Time: 12 - 12:45 p.m., Thursday, April 14
Location: Library Nonavitra Visualization Wall

Description: Come join us for the SAP Excellence Award & ERP Scholarship ceremony where the recipients of the awards will be formally recognized.

More Details

Multimedia: Photos

Deloitte Panel & Q&A Session with Deloitte Executives & ERP Alumni

Time & 2:00pm - 3:00pm, Thursday, April 14 
Location: Butler-Carlton Hall 315
Description: ()

  • Join an interactive and fun panel discussions. A team of Deloitte executives and ERP alumni will share their insights and answer your questions.
  • Come with your own questions, submit a question to erp@mst.edu that you want the panelists to answer, or listen to perspectives from both Deloitte Executives and our ERP alumni on following topics
    • The most memorable moment as a student at S&T, as a new consultant or as an executive at Deloitte, …
    • The biggest challenge and the most shocking moment transitioning from a student to a consultant …
    • The most enjoyable and the most dreadful moment as a consultant …
    • I want to change jobs: why, when, and how!
    • My first day at Deloitte …
    • If I could turn back time …
    • Insights in taking classes or joining student organizations
    • Tips for a great college and work experience (study hard and play hard, work-life balance, etc.)
    • How to overcome GPA hurdles when a company requires one?
    • And more … (submit a question to erp@mst.edu)


Deloitte: Collaboration & Planning Meeting

Participants: Deloitte SAP Management Team, S&T Faculty 
Time & Location: 3:30pm - 4:30pm, TelePresense Library 201A
Note: This event is by invitation only.

More Details


Deloitte at ERP Quarter 3 Simulation Competition 

Participants: Deloitte SAP Management Team, 2016 Simulation Competition Teams, ERP Faculty
Time: 5:30pm - 6:45pm, Thursday, April 14
Location: Toomey 251
Description: Deloitte will host the quarter 3 simulation competition and provide insights and strategies to six student teams. Each competition team will have a chance to learn from their Deloitte team mentors during the competition.  

More Details, news 

Multimedia: Photos

Deloitte: Mentoring program event 

Participants: Deloitte SAP Management Team, Students in the Deloite Mentoring Program  
Time: 7:00pm - , Thursday, April 14
Note: This event is by invitation only.


Deloitte: Research Showcase and Prototype Showcase

Time & Location: 10:00am - 11:15am, Friday, April 15 
Location: Library Video Wall

More details

Multimedia: Photos

Deloitte: Case Interviewing

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm, Friday, April 15 
Location:305 Norwood Hall
Description (More details)

  • Business case interviews simulate the consulting experience and help determine a candidate’s ability and interest to make value-add contributions to an engagement team. Please join Deloitte Executives and ERP Alumni for an informative “Case Interviewing” Seminar to learn how to be successful in this interview format and to practice your skills with our experienced technologists ahead of Deloitte fall recruiting season!

 Multimedia: Photos

Phelps County Bank: Q2 SAP Simulation Competition

Ms. Linda Goff of Phelps County Bank joined six student competition teams in their first competition.  Ms. Goff shared information technologies at Phelps County Bank and provides insides in banking business operations. 

Time: 7:00pm, Thursday, April 14
Note: This event is by invitation only.

More Details

Phelps County Bank

March 24, 5:30 - 5:45

Phelps County Bank sponsors ERP Simulation Competition 
Speaker: Ms. Linda Goff, Phelps County Bank
Location: Toomey 251


  • Ms. Linda Goff of Phelps County Bank joined six student competition teams in their first competition.  Ms. Goff shared information technologies at Phelps County Bank and provides insides in banking business operations. 

Multimedia: Photo


FEBRUARY 17, 9:00 - 9:50

Topic: Union Pacific's Journey: Supporting Dashboards & Visualization with Data Warehouse for Mulit-Platforms
Speaker: Ms. Mackenzie Wardyn, Union PacificUnion Pacfic Event Flyer
Location: Fulton 107A


  • Discover and see how Business Intelligence tools are developed to help the Intermodel and Engineering groups track inspections, costs, and efficiency at their terminals and work centers.
  • See live demo of dashboards and queries with SAP HANA, Lumira, Design Studio, and other advanced visualization tools in Union Pacific
  • Discover how visualization support supply chain management with vendors, customers, and business partners in Big Data context See Data Warehouse implementation in SAP HANA and BW

Note: If you are intersted in explore career opportunities with Union Pacific, you are strongly encouraged to provide your resume to the Union Pacific team during the Career Career Fair Day (Tuesday, Feb. 16) prior to the presentation on WEdnesday.    

Multimedia:Presentation Recording Photo



Mr. Michael Greening & Ms. Rachel Hazard of Cargill will be visiting several classes to discuss various topics. Contact faculty for the specific topic.

  • Monday, February 8, 4-6:30, visit to ERP 5240 Enterprise Portal and Mobility (Dr. Claybaugh), Fulton 107A
  • Tuesday, February 9, 11-11:30, visit to IST 3343 System Analysis (Dr. Yu), Civil 313
  • Tuesday, February 9, 3:00-3:15, visit to IST 3131 Computer Internal  (Dr. Flachsbart), Toomey 254
  • Wednesday, February 10, 10:30-10:50, visit to IST 1750 Intro to MIS (Ms. Chiu), Toomey 25
  • Wednesday, February 10, 11:00-11:30, visit to ERP2110 Intro to ERP(Ms. Chiu), Civil 313


FEBRUARY 12, 12:00 - 1:30 P.M.

Topic: Project Management, Consulting, Leadership and Success
Mr. Roel Harryvan and Deloitte SAP Management Team
Location: Webinar (open to students in the Deloitte Mentoring Program and selected faculty only)


FEBRUARY 16, 7:30 - 9:00 A.M.

Discover how Information Technology can be used to support all areas within an organization, how business and IT are integrated in our Business education through ERP curriculum to provide better workforce for your company, and how our ERP students could bring higher ROI to your company leverages advanced information technologies and products including ERP and Business Intelligence.

Talk to our talented students with diversified backgrounds to see ERP applications in Engineering, Sciences, and Social Sciences. Discuss how different collaboration opportunities might help your company in today's tough economy.



Topic:Dashboards and information Visualization: From Classroom to Workplace
Speakers: Mr. Brian Locke and Mr. Matthew Welch, Boeing
Time & Location: 9:00 - 9:50, Fulton 107A

  • Mr. Locke and Mr. Welch will share their experiences (and flow) from making analytic dashboards in class, dashboards out of class (e.g., internships), then cover their dashboard development experiences from work.
  • Come and lean about Boeing’s UpLift Technology Case Competition (http://www.boeing.com/uplift) to see how you can participate in this exciting event.
  • Learn future Boeing opportunities and receive feedback from our alumni!!

Topic: Research meeting (invitation only) 
Participants: Mr. Brian Locke & Mr. Matthew Welch, Center for ERP Assistants
Time & Location: 10:30 - 11:50 am, TBD

Topic: Boeing Experience: Alumni Perspective 
you are welcome to join a causal meet and greet session. Drop in welcome. 
Speakers: Mr. Brian Locke & Mr. Matthew Welch, Boeing
Time & Location: 12:00 - 1:30, TBD
Refreshments: Provided

Topic: Continuous Improvement Session  
Time & Location: 2:00 - 3:00 pm, Fulton 107A

Multimedia:Flyer Photo


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